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Facing Federal Criminal Allegations? We Have The Experience You Need.

A federal conviction has a serious impact on lives. You are likely facing lengthy jail sentences, years of probation and a huge financial burden. Do not take this lightly; we don’t.

At The Law Office of Geoffrey McInroy, LLC, our legal team has decades of experience defending people in the same situation. We understand the vital role your defense plays in preserving your rights. With our attention to detail and dedicated approach, you can find a better path forward. Call us for a free consultation at 717-540-6833.

What Makes A Federal Crime Different?

Federal investigators and prosecutors have far more resources than state officials. Their ability to gather evidence, obtain invasive warrants and otherwise intrude on your rights and privacy is unparalleled. This means that your financial records, personal history and private life will all be under scrutiny. You cannot fight this on your own.

Our experience includes defending against:

  • Larceny, burglary and other theft
  • Embezzlement, fraud and white collar crimes
  • Identity theft and computer crimes
  • Sex crimes like rape and possession of child pornography
  • Drug trafficking and manufacturing
  • Crimes of violence

Geoff McInroy is a former senior assistant district attorney with over 20 years of criminal law experience. He creates successful defense strategies based on years of knowledge and insight. He is also a recipient of many industry awards, including Harrisburg Magazine Reader’s Poll for Simply The Best in 2019.

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The sooner you act, the more power you have in your situation. Reach out to The Law Office of Geoffrey McInroy, LLC, today by emailing our office or calling 717-540-6833.