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An Attorney Who Doesn’t Need To Rely On Luck

There’s nothing wrong with being lucky, but it is an unreliable strategy for success in life. Instead, success comes down to hard work, knowledge, experience and preparation. That’s exactly what you can expect when you hire The Law Office of Geoffrey McInroy, LLC.

Whether you have been charged with a crime and need to defend your rights and freedom, or you have been the victim of a personal injury and need to seek compensation, attorney Geoffrey McInroy is someone you want in your corner. You can be sure that he will give your case the attention, care and skill it deserves.

What Sets The Firm Apart: Experience, Preparation And Communication

You have many choices when it comes to hiring an attorney. But the most effective attorneys are often those who establish clear guiding principles and stick to them. Here are the three values that set Geoffrey S. McInroy apart:

Experience: Not only does Mr. McInroy have 20 years of legal experience in criminal law, but he has also served as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. After managing thousands of criminal cases from both sides of the courtroom, he is ready for nearly any challenge a client’s case entails.

Thorough preparation: When a client’s future is at stake, an attorney cannot take anything for granted. Every case needs to be exhaustively researched and trial-ready. Even if the case seems likely to end in a plea deal or a settlement, attorney McInroy is prepared to go to court if necessary.

Clear communication: No matter what your specific legal matter entails, you deserve to be an active, informed participant in the process. Some lawyers fail to return phone calls or to update clients, instead simply making the decisions for them. That’s not how Geoffrey McInroy operates. When you hire the firm, you can expect to be updated and consulted regularly, to get your questions and concerns addressed promptly, and to be a key figure in your own criminal defense or civil litigation matter.

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