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Do Not Underestimate The Severity Of Drunk Driving Charges

Have you been accused of drunk driving? Even if this is your first offense, it is important that you understand how severe these charges are and what the repercussions will be if you are convicted. You are probably already aware of the possible fines and incarceration. You may also know that you could be subject to driver’s license suspension. These are obvious implications.

But are you aware of what a drunk driving conviction will do to your insurance rates? When you contact The Law Office of Geoffrey McInroy, LLC, we will give you straightforward information about the potential consequences of a drinking and driving conviction and the steps that can be taken to avoid them. Contact our DUI defense firm today for a free consultation.

Do Not Plead Guilty To Drunk Driving Charges

No matter how high your breath test results were, no matter how challenging you believe your case to be, do not simply plead guilty to DUI charges. An experienced drunk driving defense lawyer may be able to mitigate the damage, if not win your case.

Geoffrey McInroy spent five years as a senior assistant district attorney where he managed over 3,500 criminal cases. He now brings those years of experience to the courtroom. When he handles these cases, he takes them just as seriously as any other criminal charge, and you should, too. Do not simply plead guilty, because he will take the time to investigate the evidence and attack any flaws in the case against you. He will work hard to get you the best possible outcome and keep you on the road.

Contact A Skilled Defense Lawyer For Free

The ramifications from a drunk driving conviction can be life-changing. If you are facing a first-time offense or repeat allegations, do not discount the seriousness of the charges. Call our Camp Hill defense firm at 717-540-6833  or email us for a consultation and learn how we can protect your rights.