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On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2020

How motorcyclists in Pennsylvania can prevent an accident

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2020 | Personal Injury

Motorcycle accidents are like car accidents in the sense that they can happen to anyone at any given time. You can cruise around safely, then suddenly a careless driver runs a stop light or doesn’t look before changing lanes and collides with you.

However, because of the small nature of motorcycles, extra and more specific safety measures can help prevent an accident.

Get your gear in order

There is safety gear that can lessen or prevent injuries in the event of an accident. This includes using a helmet to protect from traumatic brain injuries or padding to save you from severe road rash. There are also ways you can increase your visibility with the clothing you put on your body and features you add to your bike. Choosing bright colors to wear during the day and reflective pieces at night can give fellow motorists a heads up that you are driving in their vicinity. Plus, you can add extra reflectors and lights to your bike for safer night riding.

Keep your distance

Motorcycles and other motorists can end up in the blind spots of other drivers. To protect yourself from small cars and large trucks alike, it’s important to keep several of feet between you and the back or side of other vehicles. Keep in mind that larger commercial trucks might not be able to see you if you are riding directly in front of them. So, you’ll want to only pass a truck when you have ample space and pass on the left side where the driver is sitting.

Avoid the road while impaired

Riding your motorcycle for many years or at a high skill level, doesn’t mean you can operate it well while under the influence of alcohol.  Drinking makes it difficult to have the same judgment and awareness you have while sober. In fact, the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration reports that 40% of fatal crashes involving motorcycle riders in 2013 happened because the rider was under the influence of alcohol. Keep in mind that legal and illegal drugs as well as fatigue can be just as risky as riding while drunk.

Staying off the road when you know you are impaired is the way to go. Your small size already makes you vulnerable, so there is no need to take any added risks. But if you do fall victim to an accident that is out of your hands, it’s important to consider all compensation options before accepting the first settlement offer that comes your way.

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