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On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2021

Which factors contribute to catastrophic accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2021 | Personal Injury

Car accidents range in severity. A minor collision could lead to an amicable agreement to pay for repairs; by contrast, some catastrophic accidents leave victims with life-altering injuries. Crash victims dealing with injuries might find the medical bills overwhelming and discover they cannot work for extended times. Even a slight mistake or negligent action by a Pennsylvania driver could lead to such consequences.

Road injuries and the harm they may cause

The sheer volume of fatal accidents across the globe reflects sobering information. Each year, more than 1.3 million people die as a result of injuries suffered from crashes. The most vulnerable victims are often pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, and the reasons are unsurprising: A person walking or cycling lacks the helpful protection a vehicle’s frame provides. However, even those traveling in durable vehicles, such as buses and trucks, may find themselves at risk for injuries.

Also unsurprising is the sad fact that negligence factors heavily into disastrous accidents. A driver choosing to travel 20 miles per hour beyond the posted limit in a work zone puts many people at risk. Even traveling slightly above the limit creates dangers, especially when weather and road conditions create hazards.

In addition, there’s the problem with drunk or drugged driving. People choosing to drive under the influence not only violate the law but also put lives in jeopardy. A rear-end or head-on collision caused by an impaired driver could lead to fatalities.

Regrettable decisions that contribute to fatalities and injuries

Errors in judgment may lead to avoidable accidents. For example, a driver in the habit of not wearing a seat belt and a motorcyclist who choose not to wear a helmet increase their potential injury severity. The same may be true with someone who ignores sage advice not to text and drive. Any behavior that contributes to distracted driving can boost danger levels.

Not properly caring for a vehicle might also add to hazards. A vehicle with broken lights, worn brakes and aged-out windshield wiper blades puts people at risk.

Driver negligence opens doors for personal injury suits and insurance claims. Injured parties may want to speak with an attorney without delay.

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