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On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022

Can a DUI charge change a college student’s path?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | DUI Defense

Getting a DUI charge is one potentially life-changing thing that some people do not give enough attention to. Some falsely believe that a charge will naturally go nowhere, or that even a first-time conviction is not so bad.

However, just one conviction could actually completely alter the course of a person’s life, especially when it comes to college.

Financial repercussions

The College Investor talks about how a college student’s career path may change due to a DUI. Generally speaking, a college will react to a student’s DUI charge in a fiscally punishing way. Rather than expelling the student, they will often revoke any financial support they once gave, including awards or scholarships.

They may also ban a student from using on-campus housing, forcing the student to pay the expensive costs of off-campus housing in a college town. These two measures combined can often price people out of attendance.

On top of that, the police automatically notify the college of any student’s DUI related crime. This means it is impossible for a student to attempt to hide it and escape from the repercussions.

The end of a career path

Additionally, it is not uncommon for a person’s career path to end up affected by a DUI conviction. This is due in part to the fact that DUI convictions bar people from certain careers, such as those involving children and government positions. Thus, a student might find it pointless to continue attendance if they cannot get the position they originally wanted to.

Due to these many changes that may occur and affect a person’s life, it is important to take accusations of DUI crimes seriously from the start.

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